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documenting your own newborn fiddleleaf photography

DIY newborn photos | Fiddle Leaf Photography

Fiddle Leaf Photography by Kelly Marleau Edmonton Family Photographer While I was pregnant with our second daughter I had a crazy hair-brained idea that when she arrived I’d take her newborn photos.  I had visions of having our 3 year old on aView full post »

chloe baby photographer

Shooting the Everyday | Sharing and Protecting Your Work

A few weeks ago I spent a little time doing something that has been on my to-do list for awhile, updating my slideshow images with watermarks.  Did you know the images in a slideshow can be pinned? For me a watermark has two purposes to protect myView full post »

Shooting the Everyday Colie James Wait for it-7

Shooting the Everyday | Wait for it…

While I love the images I get when I plan to use my camera, I am perhaps even more enamored with the ones that happen on the fly. I looked up and saw Chloe sitting in the container that holds her trains watching an iPad.  I snapped a picture andView full post »

GIveaway Winner Betsy Morgan Photography Giggles and Goldfish 04

Shooting the Everyday | Betsy Morgan Photography

The Shooting the Everyday giveaway did not require any image submissions.  It is just happy coincidence that the random winner, Betsy Morgan, has contributed several images on the Giggles & Goldfish Facebook page over the last two months.  A fewView full post »

favorite things giggles and goldfish giveaway

Shooting the Everyday | These are a few of my favorite things

It’s been a good week.  I had been planning this photography giveaway since I launched the blog in January, but now is a great time to have it.   I am so very proud of how much the blog has grown over the last two months. We have reached 800View full post »

Using Everyday Images - shooting the everyday with colie james

Shooting the Everyday | What to do with all those photos?

So you are an everyday photographer, YAY!  That means at a minimum you likely have 30ish awesome images each month.  What do you DO with those photos?  Do they live on your harddrives?  Do you hang your favorites on your walls?  Make other greatView full post »

Shooting the Everyday | Balance

I don’t mean the work – life balance… because I fail at that all the time.  I am referring to balancing taking images of your kids and being present to play with them.  So, how often is appropriate to shove a camera in yourView full post »

Shooting the Everyday | Check your settings

Even when you shoot daily there are moments you miss.  Sometimes you can’t get to the camera before the moment is over and other times you can’t get settings dialed in quick enough.  Then there are the times you just forget to meter andView full post »

Shooting the Everyday – Why?

I am happy for a new blog to write on.  I will admit my business page was getting a little overwhelmed between blogging posts for photographers, my personal projects, and then clients.  But now that I have a new home I was a little stumped on whatView full post »