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Give five words to describe your work

spontaneous, honest, unique, candid, heartfelt


Give five reasons you shoot everyday

~ I am fascinated with photography from my grandparents’ youths. However, in all of my researching and scrounging about, I’ve only found select images from special events – as photography was an expensive hobby in the mid 1900s. I want future generations to get a really fantastic glimpse of how my family lives our every day lives in this time period.
~ For 2014, I’ve made it a goal to document at least one event or moment from our every day – be-it with my fancy camera, or just my iPhone.
~ I’ve realized recently that I need to push my own limits of sticking with a project that I’ve undertaken…(I tend to have commitment issues with long-term projects).
~ It’s become an important aspect of my life to chronicle our adventures and activities. My oldest son is autistic, and having copious amounts of pictures for us to view at the end of each day helps him work on his ability to recall events and develop the memory skills.
~ And, finally…honestly…my children are growing up so quickly. Every day they say something new, or they do something new, or the surprise me in an unexpected way. I want to do everything in my power to freeze every moment and live in it for as long as possible.


Give five things you have learned from shooting everyday

~ Persevere – even when I’m tired, or feeling depressed and run down – and get that shot.
~ Look for the unique, minute details of our every day life to document: my children’s feet kicking under the table at breakfast, clutching a toy while watching a favorite movie.
~ My kids really do learn or say something new each day. I, literally, always have a new adventure to document.
~ I prefer my lifestyle portraits in B&W. It makes them feel more timeless and relatable even after time has passed.
~ Do not attempt to stage any of the moments for my personal images. Because, even though others may find them spontaneous or ‘in-the-moment’, I will always look back and know that I faked it…and that’s not how I want to remember our lives.


Favorite five photography products

~ Canon 5D Mark iii
~ Wireless Remote Trigger
~ Black Rapid Cross-Shoulder Camera Strap (Most amazing product EVER)
~ Cheeky Lime Camera Bag that doubles SO nicely as a diaper bag 😉
~ LowePro Camera Back Pack


Favorite five everyday images

Constellation X Photography Giggles and Goldfish My Five Feature 1PINIMAGEConstellation X Photography Giggles and Goldfish My Five Feature 2PINIMAGEConstellation X Photography Giggles and Goldfish My Five Feature 3PINIMAGEConstellation X Photography Giggles and Goldfish My Five Feature 4PINIMAGEConstellation X Photography Giggles and Goldfish My Five Feature 5PINIMAGE

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