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My Five – Lisa Kitto Photography

Lisa just finished her 1st Project 365 in 2013!  For 2014 she has decided to do a Project 52 to capture and document her adorable three boys and her daughter born this month.  I highly recommend you follow her to see this year’s project!

Lisa Kitto Photography



Give five words to describe your work



Give five reasons you shoot everyday

1. To create a visual diary for myself.
2. To document milestones and memories of my family for my family.
3. To motivate myself to try new things.
4. To improve my skills and grow as a photographer.
5. To challenge myself to pick up my camera, especially when there are so many days where life gets in the way or I just don’t feel like shooting.


Give five things you have learned from shooting everyday

1. It’s one of the biggest challenges I’ve ever taken on.
2. Being able to look back over my work, I can see the strides I’ve made.
3. Every day can’t be perfect, at least not for me, and there have been times I’ve had to settle for those less than perfect shots.
4. There was an overwhelming sense of accomplishment in completing my first 365 at the close of 2013.
5. Having my camera with me every day, everywhere I go, was critical to staying motivated and actually shooting every day.


Favorite five photography products

1. My Mod Strap. I love the look and feel. It’s uber comfy on my neck!
2. A DIY camera bag insert I made so I can put my camera in any of my purses.
3. Tripod. So I can try to be in more of our family’s photos.
4. I’m dreaming of a Kelly Moore bag.
5. Also on my wish list is an Expodisc.


Favorite five everyday images

Giggles and Goldfish Lisa Kitto Photography My Five 1PINIMAGEGiggles and Goldfish Lisa Kitto Photography My Five 2PINIMAGEGiggles and Goldfish Lisa Kitto Photography My Five 3PINIMAGEGiggles and Goldfish Lisa Kitto Photography My Five 4PINIMAGEGiggles and Goldfish Lisa Kitto Photography My Five 5PINIMAGE

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