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Give five words to describe your work


Give five reasons you shoot everyday

My kids (Charles and Rosemary) – I love getting a snapshot of their everyday life before they grow up too quickly.
To experiment – I love trying new things.
To have some ‘me’ time.
To push my creative boundaries.
To gain feedback.

Give five things you have learned from shooting everyday

Conditions do not need to be perfect to get a perfect shot.
Mistakes are okay.
You can tell a story without using any words.
My children do a lot of adorable things. 😉
I can see how much I’ve learned as time passes.

Favorite five photography products

Nikon D600
an old beat-up Pentax 100mm lens I use for freelensing
24-70mm Sigma lens
50mm 1.4 Nikon lens


Favorite five everyday images


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