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Give five words to describe your work

Authentic, fresh, simple, clean and fun


Give five reasons you shoot everyday

1. My littles (Adam and our dog Lucy) are always up to something photo worthy. I sometimes feel like I can’t put my camera down
2. I think some of our down times are some of the most that I want to remember. Reading a book, making cookies, taking a nap. Those moments are precious to me and I don’t want to forget them. Any of them.
3. The mundane is fun for us. We turn off all technology and just play. I have captured some pretty fun moments – dance parties, puppy kisses and total toy chaos.
4. I am sentimental – to the core. Adam is my only and he is growing so fast, I feel the more I shoot, the more memories I can keep forever.
5. The best reason…it is pretty darn good practice. By shooting everyday, I have learned what rooms have the best light at certain times of the day, where I like to shoot, what settings work best and the more and more I shoot the more and MORE I love photography.


Give five things you have learned from shooting everyday

1. Just keep trying. It you have something in mind and it doesn’t work out. Try AGAIN!
2. Have your camera ready at all times. I keep mine always charged and have extra memory cards ready to go at a moments notice.
3. Be patient. Sometimes a good shot takes time. I find myself just laying on the ground, watching and observing. I have really learned to slow down and watch the shot unfold, it can’t be rushed.
4. Don’t tell your littles what to do – just let it happen. Now, Adam doesn’t even notice the camera when I pull it out.
5. Shooting the everyday makes me happier than I could have ever imagined. Spending time and watching my little person in his natural element is fun. I can’t wait to present him with all of the photos taken of him when he is older.


Favorite five photography products

– My 35mm lens. I love that thing.
– Our new Polariod instant. It is so much fun and I am teaching Adam about taking photos.
– Magic Hour app. We live in Hawaii and I use it a lot!
– Lightroom, duh.
– My laptop. I have been loving editing on the go.


Favorite five everyday images

allison gipson photography 1PINIMAGEallison gipson photography 2PINIMAGEallison gipson photography 3PINIMAGEallison gipson photography 4PINIMAGEallison gipson photography 5PINIMAGE

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