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My Five – Five Little Ones

This week I am sharing the everyday work of Erica Collins,  She has an amazing use of light and composition.  Some of my all-time favorite everyday images are hers.  The last image in this post had me running to a movie theatre with inspiration!

Five Little Ones



Give five words to describe your work



Give five reasons you shoot everyday

1. Simply put… I love it. I love creating and capturing images that tell the story of our lives.
2. I am afraid that I will forget. I will forget their chubby little fingers, their favorite lovey, that horrible haircut, their first birthday, a school play, Christmas morning, etc… I don’t want to forget those images. So I am doing my best to capture every single one.
3. Hands down it is absolutely the best way to improve your photography skills.
4. It is how I exercise. Yes, it is. I oftentimes break a sweat when shooting my 3 year old. It definitely is a good workout for both my body and mind.
5. It keeps me sane on this crazy roller coaster ride of life.


Give five things you have learned from shooting everyday

1. First and foremost, I don’t have to shoot my children every day. I can shoot other things too and that is okay. Sometimes it’s good to give the kids a break and practice on your macro or street photography skills.
2. I’ve learned to change it up a bit. Get down low, shoot from above, open up wide, play with shadows, etc…
3. I definitely am better at culling and editing than I was a year ago. I can quickly skim through a couple hundred images in a matter of minutes, flag the ones I want and delete the rest. Before I would save everything. Now only a handful are kept daily.
4. It’s not about the lens. It’s about you and where you are at the moment.
5. Don’t think that plan or vision you have in your head is going to work every time. For me, it’s those unscripted events that usually are my best captures.


Favorite five photography products

1. Well, obviously my Nikon D700. I loooove her.
2. My 35 1.4. She’s super fast and extremely sharp. I love this lens when it comes to capturing my little guys.
3. My 85 1.4. Gorgeous, gorgeous bokeh. This is my favorite portrait lens when photographing my daughter.
4. Ketti camera bags. I have four. They’re kind of an obsession for me. I like to change them out seasonally just like the pillows on my couch. 🙂
5. Lightroom.
6. In case the camera one was obvious… Flickr. It’s great for back up storage. I also love the fact that I can follow all my favorite photographers on there without all the FB junk in my feed. They’re iPhone app is pretty nifty too for when I’m sitting in carline.


Favorite five everyday images

Five Little One My Five FeaturePINIMAGEFive Little One My Five FeaturePINIMAGEFive Little One My Five FeaturePINIMAGE

Five Little One My Five FeaturePINIMAGE
Five Little One My Five FeaturePINIMAGE

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