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Today’s feature is from Hannah Nielsen

Hannah Nielsen Photography

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Give five words to describe your work

Give five reasons you shoot everyday
Life changes by the minute. There are so many minutes worth remembering.
It’s the every day routines, not the big events that make up our lives.
My baby boy is now a toddler…if I blink he’ll be asking for the car keys. Shooting every day engages me in the right now.
Shooting every day pushes me to try different perspectives and different light with different ideas. It makes me a better photographer.
Because life is so beautiful!

Give five things you have learned from shooting everyday
The technically perfect shot is very rarely my favorite image.
There are infinitely more perspectives and stories in each moment than I see at first.
Shooting from the hip! My aim has gotten 1000 times better because sometimes my son doesn’t want the camera in my face!
To print my images! Shooting every day means I have far too many images to sort through on my computer! My favorites get printed OFTEN.
The more I shoot, the better I get. That seems obvious, but I’ve really seen a difference in my work.

Favorite five photography products
My camera, obviously.
My Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art *sigh*
Kelly Moore Libby in Caramel. So stylish!
Ummm I’m kind of a minimalist when it comes to gear. Does Lightroom count?
That’s only 4…my subjects! Yep, that’s a stretch.

Five Favorite Images

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