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My Five | Kayla Maltese Photography – Tacoma Storytelling Photography

Our first photographer feature is the amazing Kayla Maltese, a Tacoma Birth and Storytelling Family Photographer.  When I think of everyday shooting, particularly a 365, she is the first photographer to come to mind.  There is just just no way to look at her 365 set and not be inspired to shoot your own children.  I dare you to try!

Kayla Maltese Photography

Tacoma Storytelling Photography

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Give five words to describe your work



Give five reasons you shoot everyday

It gives me a time and a place to experiment.
My son is growing up too fast not to shoot everyday.
I’m able to document small memories that would likely just be forgotten.
It provides me with much needed practice in shooting and editing.
Sometimes I just need to create something.


Give five things you have learned from shooting everyday

I’ve learned my camera inside and out.
I’ve learned how to take a wide variety of images in the same location.
I’ve learned that I really love documentary/lifestyle photography so much that that’s all I ever want to shoot.
I’ve learned how to play with the light.
I’ve learned that I’m not going to take an amazing photograph every time I pick up the camera and that’s okay.


Favorite five photography products

Nikon d700
Sigma 35mm f/1.4
Moirai Compositor for storyboards, collages and albums
VSCO presets
Photoshop CS6


Favorite five everyday images


Want to see more of Kayla’s work?  Today she is also featured on The Stories We Tell 🙂

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