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Give five words to describe your work


Give five reasons you shoot everyday

1. I am terribly sentimental.
2. My family isn’t stationary. The house we live in now is not the place my husband and I lived as newlyweds, nor is it the first home my son lived in. Shooting the everyday provides a record of our lives that are lived all over the place.
3. I believe our humanity is one of the most beautiful things to exist in this world and it can be best experienced in simple gestures and everyday moments.
4. Because it is physically impossible to have too many pictures of your children.
5. Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice.

Give five things you have learned from shooting everyday

1. There is no inherently “bad” light; only good light and challenging light.
2. To try something new, to break all the rules, because when I shoot the everyday I only have to answer to myself.
3. To not mourn a missed shot. You can’t just get everything and if you are focused on what you missed you will likely miss the next moment too.
4. My dream home has huge windows with no trees blocking the sunlight and dark, reflective flooring.
5. Sometimes you need to set the camera down.

Favorite five photography products

Nikon D700
Sigma 35mm 1.4
Tiffen Circular Polarizing Filter – Great for cutting down glare off water and foliage as well as boosting blue skies
VSCO film packs
My iPhone – It’s my “take everywhere” camera and my light meter when I shoot film (Pocket Light Meter app). I also use the Golden Hour app a lot to schedule sessions or family outings.

Favorite five everyday images


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