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Give five words to describe your work


Give five reasons you shoot everyday

1. To Freeze time. We are moving forwards. These images are the only backtracking I have and with each child my brain power diminishes and these memories are priceless
2. Legacy. These children will take this photographic record with them to their children and grandchildren, etc. Unless they have don’t have children, in that case they’ll be on my poop list.
3. Self Care. Photography really soothes my soul, I can say I’m doing it for others, but it truly is something for me too.
4. Improvement. I love growing and improving on this craft that means so much to me.
5. Finding the Beauty. Because I am a really empathetic person and all the sad events in the world get me down, surrounding myself with beauty really is part of being so positive.

Give five things you have learned from shooting everyday

1. Confidence. I can shoot in any situation.
2. Preparation. I know where to start my settings and save time, missing less moments.
3. Need vs Want. That even though I *want* to bring it all, the best lens is the one you’ve got on. (otherwise known as the smallest or lightest one I can cram in a full diaper bag)
4. Friendship. There is a world of photographers out there. They are my people, I never realized I would feel so connected sharing my every day.
5. My voice. My photography has morphed together and speaks the words that I cannot express any other way.

Favorite five photography products

1. Camera. Kind of a duh!, but seriously, I would bring it to bed if my husband wouldn’t threaten to throw it on the floor. I shoot with a D700, but my awesome hunny said that if I’m going to be shooting photos anyways, he’d prefer a dSLR with video so I’m upgrading to a D750 this weekend.
2. 35mm lens. I am kind of having an affair with my 24mm, but the 35 will be a true love that lasts a lifetime. I love everything about it.
3. ACR presets. Not sure if I call it a product as I made it myself, but this sucker saves me so much time. I can spend more time with my family with the accelerated workflow.
4. Herringbone Heritage Leather Hand strap. I have yet to find *the* perfect system, but I love my hand strap more than the neck strap. It fits my style of photography and it so much more accessible to me shooting around the house.
5. Camera Bags. Because a girl who doesn’t collect shoes should collect camera bags. (Otherwise known as I’m pregnant so often I don’t get to wear heels so I buy bags)

Favorite five everyday images


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