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Give five words to describe your work


Give five reasons you shoot everyday

My soul needs to create.
I see everything in matter of light & moments.
Consumed by moments & a need to preserve memories for my children to later look back on.
Needing to try new things, find new light, see normal in a new way.
I couldn’t live without it.

Give five things you have learned from shooting everyday

Finding my self & my style, how to express that through my images.
I prefer the imperfect image over the perfect one.
Shooting for myself is so freeing, no one has to be in love but me!
Differences in light, how it effects my shooting & the mood of my images.
Telling a story is so much more to me than getting the perfectly posed shot.

Favorite five photography products

Canon 5D Mark ii
My old 50 mm 1.8 my favorite for freelensing
40 mm 2.8 pancake
That big round fire ball we call the Sun
My pro printing lab – it’s important to take but also important to print.

Favorite five everyday images


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