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I don’t mean the work – life balance… because I fail at that all the time.  I am referring to balancing taking images of your kids and being present to play with them.  So, how often is appropriate to shove a camera in your kid’s face to get an image?


Every week I shoot with purpose for my collaborative projects and everyday I try to get an image or video for my Project 365.  That means Chloe gets a good dose of my camera everyday inside and outside the house.   It’s rare I leave the house without a camera inside my bag or that the camera is not sitting on a table in the same room as us just in case something awesome happens.

There are the planned activities just for a photo-op 🙂

shooting the everyday giggles and goldfish balance 01PINIMAGEshooting the everyday giggles and goldfish balance 03PINIMAGE

The opportunities that just present themselves.

shooting the everyday giggles and goldfish balance 06PINIMAGEshooting the everyday giggles and goldfish balance 02PINIMAGE

Sometimes if she wants something and I have specifically said no, she tells me to get my camera so that she can have it and I can take a picture of it.  Super cute and very manipulative she is.

shooting the everyday giggles and goldfish balance 07PINIMAGE

Last Thursday I decided it would be a “all about us” day.  I dropped her off at preschool and did some work.  At pickup I took a few images through the glass window to get a Project 365 image, but then there were no more cameras, computers, phones, iPads, or Netflix for the rest of the day.  I can barely remember what we did, but it was fun.  We read books, played trains, did laundry, cooked lunch & dinner, and it was fantastic.  It was so fantastic I deleted FB from my iPhone so it is no longer a distraction unless I am at my computer.  I am thinking this might be the new plan on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

 [just imagine all the fun we had that would have been great images]

Yesterday I was shooting with purpose because I needed an image for this week’s Let Them Be Little post.  We picked up two goodies at the consignment shop, a mini-train table and a pull phone.  Chloe is obsessed with the red phone so I was sure to get a few shots as she pulled it through the house and tried to call everyone she knows.  I really wish my husband had been awake to get a shot of Chloe demanding that I get on my iPhone and talk to her as she held up the red phone.  Maybe next time!

shooting the everyday giggles and goldfish balance 08PINIMAGE

I mean she is only going to tolerate my camera for so much longer so I should enjoy the images while she’s still a willing participant, right?  When she tells me “no camera mommy” I put it away and I am asking her permission more often before I snap an image.  I just think it is a matter of time before photographer’s child syndrome kicks in and there are no more easy shots for my projects.

So how often do you shoot your kids and how do you balance just enjoying the moments versus documenting them? Weigh in below in the comments!


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  • Maria - great post. since my 365 ended, I feel I am more present with my kids on our day to day instead of thinking about capturing the perfect daily photo. this year I’m doing a 52 week project for each child – so less pressure! like you mentioned, I’m taking advantage now while they are willing participants of the picture taking – because I don’t think it will be much longer before my daughter refuses to let me take her picture. as for balance – I knew I had to put down the camera more when my daughter was filling out a form in a journal about me – she said my most annoying habit was that I was always taking pictures 🙁 but at the same time, she also said she loves looking back at all the pictures mommy takes? so – pretty much Monday – Friday, while we are in school and work mode, my big camera doesn’t come out as much….but weekends, my camera is on the counter and ready to go.ReplyCancel

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