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Shooting the Everyday | Check your settings

Even when you shoot daily there are moments you miss.  Sometimes you can’t get to the camera before the moment is over and other times you can’t get settings dialed in quick enough.  Then there are the times you just forget to meter and snap ten images before you remember to check your settings 🙁

There is a new collaborative post on The Stories We Tell today and I wanted to use my image as an example of how you should check your settings.

This week I rented a 16-35L from ProPhoto Rental here in Boulder.  They rent nationally, but I LOVE that they are local.  Now that I am a Canon girl I can actually rent from them and I take advantage of it.  I had a hospital newborn session this past weekend and I have wanted to try out a ultra-wide angle lens on the 6D, so I used it as an excuse to rent it.

First we took a few shots at Ozo Coffee while I played around with settings.  She is a willing participant when there is “coffee” involved.  Nothing special, just getting a feel for the distortion at 16mm as well as the focus and sharpness of the lens.

ozo coffee giggles & goldfish shooting the everydayPINIMAGECanon 6D, 16-35L, 16mm, ISO 4000, f/3.2, 1/200

Then as we were leaving I snapped this outside where there was an abundance of light and I put the camera back in my bag.

Giggles and Goldfish Check your settings 7PINIMAGEISO 200, f/3.2, 1/800


Then we went to Childish Things in search of a train table.  This *might* have been prompted by my desire for train table pictures at home!  They didn’t have one (the one in the picture was already sold) but what they did have was an adorable stroller for Chloe’s monkey George.

colie james photography stroller for georgePINIMAGE

Well, here is the before.

Giggles and Goldfish Check your settings 1PINIMAGECanon 6D, 16-35L, 16mm, ISO 200, f/3.2, 1/800

This is what happens when you just grab your camera out of your bag and snap without checking the settings.  Oh, but then she started to push the stroller around the store which was adorable.

Giggles and Goldfish Check your settings 6PINIMAGE

Canon 6D, 16-35L, 20mm, ISO 200, f/3.2 , 1/200

Ummm.  yeah.  Big fat fail, on both of them.  WHY did I adjust the SS down to 1/200 for the second shot???  Luckily with post processing I was able to save the image by the door.  However the image of her pushing the stroller around the store was too slow of a SS to stop motion.

Giggles and Goldfish Check your settings 8PINIMAGE

So, what do you do to prevent this from happening to you?

Well at home it isn’t such an issue.  If I leave my camera on around ISO 2500 then I have tons of flexibility to just pick up the camera and shoot.  The closer I am to the windows, I either lower the ISO or raise the SS, but the leeway is there for quick shots.  I have thought about putting the camera in a semi-auto mode when it is in my purse so that I can pick it up and let the camera do some of the thinking for the quick shots but I haven’t experimented with it yet.  Would that have enabled me to shoot either of the above images better SOOC?  I should go back and experiment.

So when you change locations remember to check your settings before you shoot.  Or at least before you get 10 clicks in  😉

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