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A few weeks ago I spent a little time doing something that has been on my to-do list for awhile, updating my slideshow images with watermarks.  Did you know the images in a slideshow can be pinned?

For me a watermark has two purposes

  1. to protect my work
  2. so that my work can be identified

I have been using a circle watermark (from On The Spot Studio, the same designer who did the Giggles & Goldfish logo) and I usually place it in the bottom left or right corner.

boulder lifestyle photography colie james vDay at StarbucksPINIMAGE

Then I had the unfortunate experience of having a few images taken off FB and shared with my watermark cropped out.  So I began watermarking them closer to the center of the image where they could not easily be cropped out.  I also had another photographer take my “about me” word for word, but that is a story for another day.

chloe baby photographerPINIMAGE

Is that watermark going to deter everyone from taking my work?  No, maybe not.  But then at least people can’t crop out a corner in 2 seconds and  use it.

So, be aware of a few things.

-Any image you place on Facebook can be downloaded by anyone who can see it.  So if you upload an image to your business page or one of the inspirational blog’s pages (like Giggles & Goldfish) anyone that can see it can download it.

-When you submit your work to an inspirational blog for a feature, do your homework.  Do they allow watermarked images?  Do they have their site right-click protected?  Do they allow images from their site to be pinned?  Make sure you are comfortable with the responses above before you submit your work.

I know several people that hate watermarks and I completely agree with the reasons.  It shouldn’t be necessary to add them to protect our work, but it is for me.  As much for my own child as the families I photograph and share on my own blog and my Facebook page.

Looking for places to share your work and be inspired?  Snap Maven is now publishing a weekly comprehensive list with up-to date themes.


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