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Shooting the Everyday – Why?

Shooting the Everyday Colie James Photography chloe at the movies PINIMAGE

I am happy for a new blog to write on.  I will admit my business page was getting a little overwhelmed between blogging posts for photographers, my personal projects, and then clients.  But now that I have a new home I was a little stumped on what to write.  After throwing out some ideas a good friend said to start with the basics, why should you shoot your everyday.  I thought that was a brilliant idea and a great way to start this series off.


It’s a simple question with a complicated answer.  For me personally, it is two-fold.  I shoot daily to remember moments in Chloe’s childhood but also because it makes me a better photographer.  The old adage “practice makes perfect” well perfect in photography is a myth but it certainly makes you better if you learn from what you do and try again with new purpose.

While I am shooting an official 365 for 2014 last year I did a rough, retroactive 365 last month.  I went through all my images from 2013 and pulled one image from each day.  I think it’s a really good example of why you should shoot your everyday.  So many memories I captured that I can share with Chloe when she gets older.  The first day she went bowling, images of all of her little friends, the first day she went to preschool, the first day she went to preschool by herself… the list goes on and on and on.  Some are not as momentous, just something super cute that made me go “awwwwww”.

Shooting the Everyday Colie James Photography decorating the gingerbread housePINIMAGEShooting the Everyday Colie James Photography chloe and daddy BWPINIMAGE

Shooting the Everyday Colie James Photography i like long scarvesPINIMAGEShooting the Everyday Colie James Photography george meet georgePINIMAGEShooting the Everyday Colie James Photography swinging at the parkPINIMAGEShooting the Everyday Colie James Photography Go SpartansPINIMAGE

As a photographer it is not my best work, not even close.  However when you look at the images from the beginning of the year, growth is clear.  Changes in use of light, composition, and editing.  Dare I say improvement?  I think so, but remember shooting the everyday is about capturing the moments and as a mother I love what I captured.  Mommy goggles are not a hindrance.  Never be afraid to keep an image because it is flawed.  Snapshots and flawed images that move you as a mother are just as important as the amazing and technically-proficient images worthy of your portfolio.  You will never regret taking a picture, you will only regret the ones you don’t take.

So am I saying run out and start a project 365?  Nope.  Take it slow.  There are so many amazing projects that don’t require you to sweat and obsess and worry over getting a fantastic image everyday.  Whatever you do, just remember to capture the everyday moments.

On that note if YOU would love to contribute for this series send me your idea for an article here.  I would love to have you share your tips and tricks for shooting the everyday with the Giggles & Goldfish readers.

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