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Kayla Maltese Photography

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 From Kayla:  I’m not much of a breakfast person, coffee is all my stomach can handle in the morning, but it is my husband’s and my son’s favorite meal. My husband had just returned from a two week work trip two days before this picture was taken so my son missed out on his giant breakfasts. Apparently, I don’t cook eggs and sausage the right way because he won’t eat a big breakfast when it’s just us. This picture was taken on my husband’s first day back to work. He had come home after PT in the early morning to see if I wanted the car; the day before, our second car died. On days when I need the car, this is what our mornings will look like. Breakfast with Daddy.

When I saw them sitting like this I knew it was everything that I wanted to capture. I love the rays of morning light falling in the middle of the photo. I love excitement on my son’s face at Dad being home (after his trip and unexpectedly during the week when he’s normally at work) and cooking breakfast. And I love that my husband is in his uniform, able to find a few minutes to spend with us before he has to go back to work, the one upside to being down to one car now. This is one routine that I will gladly step back from to watch them enjoy together.

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