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Using Everyday Images - shooting the everyday with colie james

Shooting the Everyday | What to do with all those photos?

So you are an everyday photographer, YAY!  That means at a minimum you likely have 30ish awesome images each month.  What do you DO with those photos?  Do they live on your harddrives?  Do you hang your favorites on your walls?  Make other greatView full post »

Shooting the Everyday | Balance

I don’t mean the work – life balance… because I fail at that all the time.  I am referring to balancing taking images of your kids and being present to play with them.  So, how often is appropriate to shove a camera in yourView full post »

Day In The Life Yasmina Cowan 01

Everyday Project – A Day in the Life with Yasmina Cowan

Yasmina Cowan DC Metro Lifestyle Photojournalism website | facebook | pinterest From Yasmina: In October of last year I embarked on a blog circle with some dear friends and fellow photographers. We really wanted to take on a personal project thatView full post »